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If your complaint is about a bank, an insurance company or a finance firm rather than one of the regulators, you should first complain to the company and then if you remain unhappy to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

The Office of the Complaints Commissioner has now received many complaints about the FCA in relation the British Steel Pension Scheme.  This follows the FCA completing its investigation and issuing its decision.

The Complaint Commissioner’s office has now started to receive the FCA’s investigation files into these complaints which contain a significant volume of supporting information.  We are not yet in receipt of the full investigation file from the FCA.

The files received are being reviewed, however, this will take some time to ensure that we have all of the relevant information for this investigation and that this is carefully considered.

Please be assured that the Complaints Commissioner is directing significant resources to this matter to ensure that all the British Steel Pension Scheme complaints are addressed as a matter of priority.

We will be issuing a further update about all of the British Steel Pension Scheme complaints on our website on 30 June 2024.

Please note:

If you have already made a complaint to the FCA and received your decision letter, under the Complaints Scheme you have three months to refer your complaint to the Office of the Complaint Commissioner if you are unhappy with the decision you received.  

If you have already referred your complaint to our office you will have received a response from our office with an individual reference number for your complaint with our office. 

If you have not yet referred your complaint to our office you should ensure that you have done so within three months of the FCA issuing its decision letter to you or your representative.  

After the three months has passed your complaint referral may not be accepted under the Complaints Scheme.